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Premier Self-Ordering Kiosk solutions

Kiosk POS Machines with Custom Software Systems Designed for Any Business & Industry

Streamline your operations and generate more revenue with feature-rich kiosk POS solutions. Select your industry below to learn more about how our POS software can take your business to the next level.



Markets & Grocery

Staduims & Arenas

Casinos & Gaming

Amusement Parks

Designed to make your business better!

Instantly Increase Revenue

Algorithmically-calculated upsells recommend targeted products to increase average ticket sizes, exciting customers.

Decrease Labor Costs

Kiosks send orders straight to the kitchen, eliminating human error and allowing staff to focus intently on order fulfillment.

Best Customer Experience

Customers have total autonomy over selecting, customizing, and updating their order throughout the transaction.

Say goodbye to slow lines and wasted money. With our self-order kiosks, restaurants like yours can eliminate inefficiencies, boost revenue, and put the power back into your customers’ hands.

Next-Generation POS Software for All Businesses

From restaurants to retail, arenas to amusement parks, our versatile kiosk POS integrates seamlessly into your business for the utmost customer convenience—while simultaneously cutting your costs and maximizing your efficiency.

Our complete ecosystem integrates with any legacy system you already have in place, so upgrading is entirely hassle-free.

Meet the All-New Samsung Kiosk

Our ecosystem eliminates inefficiencies and increases customer satisfaction from start to finish with a custom-designed experience built on GRUBBRR’s technology, featuring the all-new Samsung self-service kiosk.

With Samsung and our software, your business can run with a smaller and more efficient team. That means no more waiting in line! Customers can order directly from the self-service kiosk, ensuring both order accuracy and speed.

With personalized upsells, businesses enjoy increased revenue, and customers walk away satisfied with their order and experience.

Cut Costs & Increase Revenue

Eliminate inefficiencies and replace them with contactless smart technology that adapts to your business. Small businesses and multi-million-dollar corporations alike benefit from our industry-leading kiosk POS systems.

Your customers can see exactly what they’re ordering so that inputs are accurate every time, reducing labor costs.

Our smart upsell technology increases revenue by 50% on average. Your new POS kiosk will consistently suggest relevant options that match perfectly with your customer’s order. The result: higher sales with minimal effort.

Improve Your Customers Experience

With our quick and efficient kiosk POS systems, your customers are in full control of their ordering experience. There’s no pressure or time crunch, and their information is always safe and secure.

Our versatile POS software also allows your customers to purchase without disrupting their overall experience—theme park guests can plan their after-ride snack while waiting in line, sports fans can order right from their seat without missing that crucial play, and casinos can keep guests playing at the tables as they order.

Your customers can time their order to be ready when they are, eliminating crowded waiting areas.

Maximize Your Business Management

Cutting-edge connected technology means you can automate your inventory management instead of wasting time and money with manual counts and records. Keep your entire inventory right at your fingertips with instant updates and organization to meet your needs. Plus, you can connect and manage all your locations at the same time from a single POS software system.

Run your business better. Run it with First Class Processing

Run your business faster, smarter and batter. Run your business with First Class Processing

See Our Solutions In Action

An all-in-one kiosk solution that’s ready to go, right out of the box.

Today’s customers want an experience that is fast, accurate, personal, and simple. Samsung’s kiosks with our technology ensure that your customers walk away satisfied each time and will continue to return for more.

 Features Include:

  • Multi-Tier Upselling
  • Streamlined Ordering
  • Customizable to Your Brand
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Rapid Customization
  • Real-Time Menu Control
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Revenue Management
  • Multiple Order Types

Right Out of the Box

Sleek & Modern

Flexible Installation

Built-In Merchant

Anti-Microbial &
Shatter-Resistant Screen

Secured on trusted
Samsung Knox platform

Control & Monitor Your
Fleet From Anywhere

3-year Limited

Self-service made simple.

With the integrated software, the Samsung kiosk comes ready to handle every aspect of the self-ordering transaction and is fully equipped with a high-definition display, printer, credit card terminal, scanner, and NFC tap.

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