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Market Series™ Self Checkout Autonomous Self-Service Transactions

Express Market™

The Express Market™ Kiosk is not about compromising. While it is one of the most affordable self-checkout kiosks on the market, it’s also extremely capable and ready to handle the most complex and demanding transactional volumes.

Flex Market™

The Flex Market™ kiosk is an ePay-only kiosk designed for simple transactions and on-the-go purchases. It can also be used as a self-service customer information kiosk for loyalty on-boarding, reward balance checks, member account updates, and price checks.

City Market®

City Market® is a premium self-checkout kiosk designed for ePay transactions with cash back availability. This ADA-compliant kiosk packs quality and dependability into a compact footprint built to serve micro market and retail locations with minimal operator maintenance.

Super Market™

Super Market™ is our full service model designed for high volume purchase transactions. It provides maximum functionality and physical shelf and bagging space. This unit also includes a scanner/scale for produce and other fresh food items. Units can be placed back-to-back in order to maximize front store space.

Self Checkout

Solutions that act as one with the consumer, allowing them to quickly interact, scan, resolve discrepancies, and tender transactions with little-to-no attendant interaction.

Self-guided, friendly, and engaging user interface

It all starts with a smile, disarming even the most apprehensive customer. Visual and voice guidance is provided to gently guide the consumer to the next step in the transaction.

AmbDex™ item scanning

Consumers tend to naturally want to scan and bag two items at a time.The Patented AmbDex feature allows for this, which results in fewer false bag weight security faults and a more comfortable scan-to-bag flow.

Speed Tendering™

The Patented Speed Tendering function allows experienced consumers to skip unnecessary steps and tender the transaction by simply swiping their credit card or prepaid account card.

Secure OneTouch™

Customers can associate themselves to a transaction, receive e-coupons, loyalty points, and even pay for all merchandise, simply by touching a biometric fingerprint reader one time. It’s the easiest, fastest, and most secure payment technology on the market.

Device Aware Customer Association

JCR Systems line of self-service kiosks allows consumers to associate themselves using a variety of identification technologies, such as barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, biometric readers, and RFID readers.

Because of the array of available customer identification methods, all varieties of Catapult kiosks now provide visual guidance for consumers to help them understand the different options they have to associate themselves to transactions.

To accomplish this, the software application is device-aware so that it automatically senses what the available options are, based on what peripherals are connected and working. Therefore, it automatically configures itself and only displays photos of the appropriate identification methods anytime the customer needs to associate themselves to the transaction.

This device-aware approach to consumer guidance simplifies and expedites setup and ongoing maintenance across all flavors of the self-service kiosks.

Software that Thinks and is Capable of Overcoming Daily Obstacles

"Walk Away” detection

This patented feature senses when the customer may have walked away from the system. A countdown appears on the customer interface before the transaction is automatically voided and recorded within the reporting system.

Self-learning weight security

Retailers can choose to run with, or without, item weight security. If you choose to leverage weight security with your self-checkout offering, CATAPULT will automatically learn the weight of every item in your store. These captured weights are automatically replicated to every store location within the enterprise ensuring that all self-checkout system databases are always updated and in sync.

Self-tuning weight security

Automatically run statistical analysis on all captured weight ranges, accounting for small discrepancies that may occur, and automatically eliminating those captured weights that are likely to be false readings. This level of automated business logic provides more accurate weight security which translates to fewer weight exceptions at the checkout.

“Assistance Needed” email alerts

Store personnel can receive automatic email alerts when a shopper needs assistance or when the self-checkout terminal requires maintenance. This allows staff to carry a mobile device and receive notifications rather than having to stand behind a stationary attendant workstation.

Inventory and Supply Chain

* Perpetual Inventory

* Multi-Store & Warehouse

* Supply Chain Integration

* Mobile Inventory

* Mobile Label Printing

* Labels & Signage

* Data Analytics

* Scale ​​​​​​​Management

* Kitchen Deli Ticket Printing

* Biometrics Checkout

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