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SoftTouch- First Class Processing

Point of Sale

We Locally Sell & Service Hundreds of Point of Sale Systems For All Business Types

Credit Card Processing

Payment Processing

No Cost or Lowest Cost Payment Processing Programs

Kiosk - First Class Processing

Kiosk & Self Service

Integrated Kiosk and Self Service

Grocery Stores - First Class Processing

Grocery & Convenience

Grocery & Convenience Stores

Drive Thru - First Class Processing

Drive Thru & Digital Menu Boards

Integrate Drive Thru & Menu Boards

Self Ordering Kiosk

Vending & Self Service

Vending Machines & Self Service.

SAM4s SAP-630R

Cash Registers

Robust Cash Registers for Today's Retail Challenges

Custom Mobil Apps

Custom Mobil Applications

Custom Mobile Engagement Platform

Dashboard - First Class Processing

Local IT Services & Software Management

Local IT Management and Software Management Implementation

Digital Menu Boards - First Class Processing

Newest Technology & Applications

Take Advantage of The Newest Software Technologies & Payment Processing Programs Available

Custom Point of Sale Solutions

Retail POS - First Class Processing

Software and Hardware Applications Made Specifically for your business

Handful of Cash
No Cost Credit Card Processing

Next Day Funding

Close your batch by 10PM EST and receive your funds the next day.

Convenience and Safety

You won’t have to handle as much cash. This reduces theft and security concerns in your store. 

Work With a Local Company You Can Trust

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Local Massachusetts Company You Can Trust
Make more sales.

Increase Sales

Integrate into most any system.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks and many other software applications. 
Accept payments with our stand-alone solutions.

First Class Processing Contactless & Wireless Payment Processing Machines

Point of Sale

First Class Processing offers the most efficient and robust point of sale systems available. Integrate with your existing point of sale. Take advantage of our local Massachusetts sales and service.

Payment Terminals

Choose from countless payment terminal options. Mobil, cellular, wifi, internet or phone connections. Contactless, EMV, Google Pay, Apple Pay, debit, EBT, WIC and more..


Process payments with your First Class Processing Apps for Apple, and Android applicaions.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping is easy using First Class Processing online shopping carts and gateways. 

Cash Registers

Process payments with our First Class Processing Cash Registers. 

New Age and state of the art cash registers.

Zero Cost Processing

Take advantage of our zero cost credit card processing programs and save thousands of lost revenue dollars.


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