Zero Cost Payment Processing

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

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Eliminate most, or all of their credit card processing fees. 

This is a huge saving for small businesses that can then use these funds to expand operations and marketing efforts, or simply increase their savings.

More Cash

When customers pay with cash you receive payment instantly. There’s no waiting for the transaction to process or risk of chargeback. While you always want to offer your customers the ability to pay by credit, you also can offer cash paying customers a discounted price for paying with cash.

Handful of Cash

Our proprietary technology allows this process to happen while staying within the guidelines of Visa, MasterCard, and processor regulations.

Gives Your Customers More Choices

When you work with a cash discount program, you are essentially offering your customers two different prices. Customers that pay with cash will pay a lower price. Customers that choose to pay with a credit card will pay the regular price which is higher.

Simplify the Payment Process

Cash discount programs ultimately make the payment process more simple. When customers  pay with cash, you significantly reduce the risk of chargebacks, pricing disputes, data breaches, fraud, and other complications.

Keeps Your Profit Margins Constant

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Traditional processing fees are charged as a percentage of every transaction. This creates a lot of volatility and uncertainty for business owners looking to budget or plan ahead. Cash discount programs eliminate this issue, so you’ll have a more consistent view of your profit margins.

How It Works

$100 Sale

The customer is ready to pay, and enters their card into the terminal. They will then be prompted to confirm the amount with the Cash Discount applied.

$100 x 4% = $4
$100 = $4 = $104

The transaction will go through on the terminal, charging the customer a 4% fee on their transaction.

$104 x .3846% = $~4
Merchant's Rate

The 4% will cover the merchant's credit card processing fees, practically eliminating the credit card processing fees.

Customer Receipt Shows Non Cash Price Adjustment.


Yes, It is 100% Legal

The Federal Durbin Act allows business owners to provide discounted prices to customers paying with cash. Cash paying customers help offset payment processing expenses and promotes better cash flow for your business.


Credit Card Receipt