Zero payment processing

The Cash Discount Program is designed to help business owners increase cash flow by giving their customers an incentive to pay with cash.

  • Collect 100% of your revenue
  • Promote more cash flow for your business
  • Eliminate monthly processor fees completely
  • Next day Funding up till 10PM

Customer Receipt Shows Non Cash Price Adjustment.

This adjustment is collected through a compliant software seamlessly integrated with the credit card processing terminal. Businesses owners get 100% of their menu price while the non cash adjustment covers all of your payment processing expense.

A customer wants to make a purchase for $1 and decides to use cash.  You accept the cash like normal.
If the customer decides they want to use a credit card for a $1 purchase then at the time of purchase you would swipe their card and our terminal would add an additional 4% (you can choose to higher that up to 4% if you wish) to the total which would be $1.04   

We provide the signage and local on-site training. Change your menu from a credit priced menu to a cash priced menu.


Our proprietary technology allows this process to happen while staying within the guidelines of Visa, MasterCard, and processor regulations.

The Cash Discount Program allows businesses to collect 100% of their revenue by passing thru a non-cash price (4% adjustment) to customers paying with credit.  

A New Trend in Business

Cash discount pricing has been utilized for centuries in Asia, and Europe, and its finding its way into the United States and your communities.

The Cash Discount Program is changing your business from a credit based business to cash. Many businesses in the United States are cash businesses. With the cash discount program your advertised prices would be cash prices.  It is a method of implementing a price adjustment to all customers using credit for payment. This allows the business owner to avoid fees for points and travel rewards along with all other credit card processing fees.

Customers who pay with cash take advantage of the 4% price discount, those who utilize another form of payment would not qualify for the 4% reduction.

Of Course it’s Legal!

The Federal Durbin Act allows business owners to provide discounted prices to customers paying with cash. Cash paying customers help offset payment processing expenses and promotes better cash flow for your business.

For Massachusetts clients, below is the MGL directly addressing cash discount pricing.

The 191ST General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

How much money do you waste every month on processing fees? or even annually?

Most business waste an average of $250,000 in processing fees over 5 years.  Over a 10-year span that’s over $500,000.

There’s not much you have to do different other than putting up the right signage to give notice to your customers that you are introducing a cash discount payment policy. 

Our software seamlessly adds the non-cash fee at the time of purchase directly through our zero-fee terminal.

If a customer decides to use a credit card for their purchase, then the additional non cash discount fee will be added directly to the transaction and reflect that on the receipt.  


Changing Laws

As part of a 2010 Dodd-Frank Act within the Durbin Amendment, it states that business owners have the right, under federal court settlement to pass through credit card fees up to 4% on credit card sales to customers.  This has allowed us to customize a special zero fee credit card processing solution to offset all credit card processing rates.  With new laws leveling the playing field, we are now able to integrate and reverse the processing charges to the card holder.  Our processing partners has provided a streamline way to automatically collect these fees through the processing terminal of your choice at the point-of-sale.

If you are merchant processing credit cards now, you know that these fees decrease your bottom line.  No business likes seeing those credit card statements every month.  By completely eliminating these credit card processing fees with zero fee processing, you INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR PROFITABILITY.

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Who Else Is Already Using Zero Fee Credit Card Processing?


Credit card processing rates are thru the roof for restaurants. By utilizing ZERO FEE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING, restaurants bars keep thousands in their pocket.

Retail Stores 

Convenient stores, botiques, department stores, pharmacies, and many brick & mortar stores can save thousands annually by cutting out their credit card processing expense completely.

Bars & Nightclubs

Credit card processing rates are thru the roof for these establishments. By utilizing ZERO FEE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING, bars & nightclubs keep thousands in their pocket.

Utility Companies 

Utility companies use the convenience fee surcharge for customers that choose to pay over the phone or online with a credit card.  This has reduce their processing fees to almost nothing.

Gas Stations 

Gas stations have been using a “Cash Discount” program for quite some time. Gas stations have been charging up to 10 cents per gallon when using credit.

Auto Dealers & Servicers

 Dealerships have avoided accepting credit cards because it puts a dent in profit. Now there’s a solution that does not effect that. Auto shops, Tow Companies, Body shops, Repair Shops all have a chance to save big now.

Legal & Professional Services

 Many attorneys spend time chasing down clients for payments. With our no cost payment processing you can now send invoices online or accept retainers securely without the fees & headache. Accountants, Financial, and Consulting Services can also utilize this.

Property Payments 

Accept rental payments with our custom Property Management dashboard designed to make accepting rent and deposits easy and without the high credit processing fees?