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Magtek uDynamo

Secure, Encrypting, Mobile Card Reader

The uDynamo secure card reader allows merchants to make secure magnetic stripe payment transactions while on the go using any smart mobile device. Connecting through the mobile audio jack or USB connections, the uDynamo uses MagneSafe™ Security Architecture to protect cardholder data through instant dynamic encryption, tokenization and authentication, meeting PCI P2PE guidelines for mobile payments.

The uDynamo secure card reader connects to a variety of mobile devices via a retractable headphone jack. There is also a USB connector to charge the internal battery and for connection to devices without an audio jack such as Macs, PCs and virtual terminals.

The uDynamo combines the latest technologies for reliable and secure mobile payments and identification.

Plug and play
Audio jack folds out of the way when connecting the uDynamo Lite via usb or when not in use.

Product details

  • Complies to PCI P2PE guidelines for mobile payments
  • Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT)
  • Adjustable stabilizer for a variety of devices
  • Swipe path design yields highest read reliability on first pass
  • Triple DES or AES encryption sealed inside the head
  • Derived Unique Key per Device and Transaction
  • Remote configuration and key loading
  • Headphone jack interface – digital output
  • Retractable headphone jack
  • USB interface (power and comm i/o)
  • Track 1, 2 and 3 data
  • Re-chargeable Battery
  • Mutual device/host authentication
  • Anti-skimming features
  • Counterfeit detection – cards and devices
  • Tamper resistant, evident and responsive enclosures
  • PIN encryption – debit transaction – ANSI/ISO e-PIN block, 3DES PVV
  • Token generation (the card, the PAN and the transaction)
  • Reads ANSI/ISO/AAMVA cards
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