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Interactive Robotic Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

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Excellent User Experience

Provide customers with an unprecedented dining experience from attracting customers into the store and leading them to the table, to quickly delivering food.

Improve Service and Efficiency

In addition to attracting more customers to help to increase revenue, it can also carry out greeting & escorting, and multiple delivery, helping you save more manpower.

Attract More Customers

Our Robotics manage to attract customers by telling jokes, dancing, etc. It will also introduce the details of your dishes and coupons to the customers by voice interaction. Not only the children but also the adults are easily attracted, making it ideal to impress the whole family.

Advanced Safety Feature

Our Robotics can be easily used in restaurants with complex and dynamic environments. The radar & visual dual navigation solutions, allow the KettyBot to safely pass through as narrow as 55cm. 3D perception guarantees the obstacle detection accuracy, making the robot safer.

Now Serving at a Variety of Restaurants

Robotics usage also extends beyond just in-house operations for food, but to deliver food to customers and improve the overall customer experience.

Bon Appétit! Robotic Restaurants Are The Future

Economists say that the labor challenge will be prolonged and that robotics can help to ease the crunch but can’t fully replace humans.

A Kendall Square restaurant is experimenting with a robot server: ‘It’s a big help’

Do you want to grow your business?

Become more efficient

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors


Own each robot for as low as only $57 /weekly.

More Efficient

Payroll for employees is estimated to be $900/week, robots are only $60 a week. 20:1 savings ratio. Significant insurance savings with increased consistency and dependability.

PROVIDE A Better Customer Experience

Provide more consitent and timely service with our robots.

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